Anyone Got a Map?

I am very curious – what direction is our country headed, as far as ideology is concerned?

I’m looking at the course of foreign policy decisions that have been made over the last 88 days, and it doesn’t feel like blue-blooded, hard-working, capitalist, proud, moral, ethical America any longer.

We used to ally ourselves with the great people around the world. Our best friends have been the British. We’ve worked well (but cautiously) with the Saudis. Israel has been there for us, mostly because we have to be there for them in their little hotbox. Japan likes to help us as much as they can. Canada, really for no other reason than it’s a good idea, has always backed us – as have many of the other countries around the world that have also been under the British Crown.

Our traditional “enemies,” as I’ve grown up, have been China (communist-ish), North Korea (Communist), Cuba (communist), Russia (communist-ish), and the extremist, fundamentalist regimes in the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, etc.). There have been several dictators that have sprung up through Latin and South America as well as in Africa that like to posture themselves as enemies of the US, but in reality, they have been too small and insignificant to really get worked up.

However, lately, we’ve started on a course to alienate the Brits (mostly through bad gift-giving). Our Commander-in-Chief showed his subordinance to the Saudis. He has openly talked about meeting with Ahmed Ahmadinejad and not holding him to any standards at the meeting. Obama has shown acceptance to Hugo Chavez. North Korea threw a ballistic missile in the air and all we did was send them a harshly-worded letter. Russia did the same, perhaps showing off, and we ignored it. American citizens were attacked and captured by Pirates – Terrorists – Outlaws, and it took us three days to react. Now we’re starting to tell the Castro brothers they’re okay after all. And France – though not always on good terms with the US – told Obama at the G20 Summit last week that we’re spending too much money! A socialist nation told us we’re spending too much. Red flags, anybody?

To top it off, on the Tax-Day Tea Parties, BHO claimed to have no idea there were protests going on. Even though there were several hundred gatherings consisting of millions of Americans, he had no idea. And the entire White House claimed to not even know why citizens were protesting anyway. How out of touch with reality are the leaders of our country?

The Media, who were so proud to be the voice that kept the Bush administration working hard to be as open as practically possible, were silent on the Tea Parties, until it became impossible to ignore – then they ridiculed the protestors and backed up Obama in saying the parties were pointless. CNN reporters openly berated Americans to their faces, telling them they were ungrateful and they should be happy for what BHO has done for the country. Whatever happened to discourse?

Our country really has changed. While Mrs. Obama told us it wasn’t until her husband became the media darling and the center of all that is politics that she was proud of her country, I would feel safe in saying that the Greatest Generation, many of whom have gone on from this world, would be ashamed at what their legacy has become. Our Forefathers spent painstaking, countless hours of deliberation and debate on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill or Rights to ensure that our country would continue on with their intent lasting for years and decades.

We are now living in a time where individual liberty has become secondary to the government’s desire to help to the many. The Federal government has raised itself to be the pinnacle of American society, rather than the original intent of the individual citizen being at the top. And as we are making these changes at home, we are going abroad and embracing those nations who hold the same ideals, and causing our former allies to start to second guess our motives.

When the citizenry now stand up to tell the government they aren’t happy, the government has chosen to place those individuals on a list of “extremists.” They tell them they lost, get over it and be quiet. They are now telling us that the Bill of Rights, the document they hold so dear, has pretext. Freedom of Speech is for Liberals only. The Right to Bear Arms is okay, but only a small handful of gun – there are stipulations to that one, too. Where else will our rights be truncated? How else is the government going to infringe on our Liberty?

I think we need to re-read the Declaration of Independence, before that too is overloaded with fine print and limits for the opposition party. I think it is time that we no longer sit down and be quiet. We need our minority voice to be heard. We need to give our representatives in Washington our full support to stand up on the floor of the House and of the Senate and not let Reid and Pelosi tell us how the country is going to be run. We need to tell the Liberal half of the country that this is our America, too and we’re going to make sure they don’t destroy it for our children.

The Tea Parties were a start. The movement can’t stop. Our voice needs to be heard.