Dear Mr. President: This isn't working.

I was just in my car, enjoying the snow day today and listening to the news.

What is astounding me is that the government thinks dumping money into companies is going to save them.

The car companies that received billions are no closer to fixing any problems.

AIG, which was part of the bank bailout last fall lost $60B (give or take) in the 4th quarter.

Freddie Mac still hasn’t steadied itself – now with the CEO resigning.

All this government bail-out stuff is not working to fix anything. If any of the leadership actually paid attention in their history classes, they would have known that the New Deal, to which Obama is clinging, did not work. The guy that orchestrated it realized that it failed and told FDR that it failed and they had to change course in order to survive the depression. But, the Democrats are all still following Obama like lemmings. It reminds me of a road trip with Stevie Wonder driving and Helen Keller reading the directions aloud for him.

It really is no wonder that we’re not getting any better. The guy with tons of empty rhetoric and no resume, shockingly, is not getting us anywhere. And he is still plugging himself along by telling us all that he isn’t George Bush. Obama has yet to really do much, except spend money frivolously and blame problems on the guys who aren’t even there anymore.

What makes matters worse is that when our beloved Treasury Secretary, Tim “I don’t understand my own tax policy” Geithner opens his mouth, the stock market runs away, hiding in fear. It’s evident that the people at the top of the private industry know the government is doing anything to help matters – when will the leaders listen to those people for once?

Can we please have our money back?