Obama to impose salary caps...

Obama to Impose Salary Caps on Bailed Out Fat Cats – Presidential Politics | Political News – FOXNews.com .

One of the most common parallels conservatives/Republicans draw to the Democratic party and liberal movement is the trend to move towards Socialism – the government providing ALL services to people for higher tax rates. Socialism, in it’s very nature, is not too far removed from outright Marxism.

So here we are, in the midst of our financial crisis. Republicans in Congress have made efforts to try to get more money into the hands of tax payers to have all of us collectively work on revitalizing the economy simply by having money to spend.

The Democrats, who are in control of Congress, are of the mindset that the best way to “help” is to invest directly into companies – hence the $350B that has now disappeared into corporate bonuses and trips (and had we not paid attention, corporate jets). By putting as money into the banking industry as it has, our government has become the largest shareholder/stakeholder in many of these companies. As such, they are able to start calling shots and ensuring that those companies in which they invested are operating in their best interest. Essentially, our government has taken a MASSIVE step towards socializing our entire banking industry. Were it not for the absolutely appalled reaction of every taxpayer in our country, the auto industry would have received some sort of large bailout as well, giving the government a majority interest in those operations as well – thereby socializing the auto industry.

With the government “helping” so much, they are becoming the largest invested stakeholder in so many companies – which is a major move towards Socialism. And now, the Democrats are also proposing to control salaries of the companies and executives they are bailing out. Doesn’t that seem like one of the largest steps towards Marxism?

I really miss Capitalism. That was fun!