Thoughts at Christmastime

In light of today’s holiday, I want to take a departure from my typical tone of criticism and questioning to reflect on how far we’ve come as a people.

If you look back at this election season, there were many firsts and extremes all over the ballots, both Primary (or at your state’s Caucus/Convention) and General. Regardless of how primaries and the general election ended up, we would have broken new ground as a country.
We did, in the end, elect our first Black president with President-elect Obama – he’s also the first Hawaiian in the White House.
We could have easily also elected our first woman to the presidency.
If he made it past the primaries, Bill Richardson would have been our first Hispanic president.
On “my” side, John McCain would have been the oldest American elected to the presidency.
Mitt Romney would have been the first mormon to hold the office.
And, if McCain had won, we would have had our first female vice-president,  and Palin would have also been our first Alaskan in the White House.

So, as I said, it seems no matter which way the cards would have sorted themselves out, we would have broken new ground and eliminated at least one “glass ceiling.” Would it be too naïve to think we’ve broken through ALL those glass ceilings with one successful candidate? Or is that just too liberal?

I suppose, in the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that the democrat whose message I tolerated best (Chris Dodd) and my republican horse in the race (Mike Huckabee) were both not so successful – and also both very much fitting into the general mold of previous presidential candidates.

So – Merry Christmas to all – and comments welcome from all!