Police to get training after head-scarf wearer's arrest.

Police to get training after head-scarf wearer’s arrest – CNN.com.

While I do have an appreciation for other cultures’ traditions and norms, I think our country is sacrificing our own norms to the point that we’re losing the “American” lifestyle with which we all grew up. So many parts of the culture that I’ve known are becoming taboo. It’s hard for us to maintain what we all think is an American lifestyle without being accused of being unaccepting and closed-minded.

So here we are with a woman who wanted to enter a courtroom and refused to follow the rules that relate to our American way of life. Especially in this post-9/11 world, we are becoming more careful with what we let go and what we check out. One of those safeguards is that people remove hats and other garments that may hide or alter their public appearance. When I went to get my marriage license, I had to take off my hat and sunglasses. No big deal – I just did it and went about my business. I knew that the security at the courthouse was ensuring everyone’s safety.

When this woman went to her courthouse, the bailiff was not trying to disrespect her culture or demoralize her. The bailiff was abiding by the rules and standards and ensuring everyone else’s safety.

As a result of one individual refusing to abide by rules set forth in her community, all the other tax payers now have to pay for local law enforcement to go through training on sensitivity to allow others to avoid the rules because they have adopted some other culture that really isn’t even the culture in which they grew up. This really is a great example of license vs. liberty – a topic first discussed by John Locke and also the topic of an article in this month’s American Spectator – more (much more) on that later….