So, over the last couple years, I’ve begun developing a sincere interest in government and politics. I will admit that it started rather simplistically with a love for the TV show “The West Wing.”
As I watched the show, I started to really enjoy the way the politics worked – and YES, I do know that it’s fictional. It is still fascinating.
Since that point, I’ve gotten closer to politics and government, and with the kick-off XM Radio’s “POTUS” Channel, I started following the 2008 election daily – and my time in the car has been almost exclusively dedicated to listening to POTUS. Even after the election, the channel has continued to cover the on-going transition and addresses issues of government and how government and politics affects the daily lives of Americans.
As I continue to get older and my interest continues to grow, I am starting to have my own aspirations of public service (beyond my military service).

So what are my political views?
Largely – conservative. In some cases, I drift more towards moderate and in other cases, way past to Libertarian. As I get older and continue to think about things more, my views and definitions are tweaked, changed, modified and further defined. Through this blog, I hope to define these better and to maybe get some feedback. Maybe it’ll get really fun and I can make some people cranky, too!

So… enjoy. And let me know what you think!