Boom: Gays Admit "Not Born That Way!"

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I recently went undercover in Palm Springs, California posing as a same-sex marriage activist. I asked the following question:
Do you believe being gay is strictly genetic?”Here is the link to the video. I must warn you there is some explicit language:


The video is a montage of clips from interviews in which gays admit that they believe they are gay due external circumstances, such as being sexually abused at an early age or going through other traumatic experiences.
This video ought to be a crucial component to the upcoming Supreme Court marriage decision because it gives natural marriage proponents what they need to neutralize any personal testimony that being gay is an “immutable characteristic” such as race.Please Donate Now: http://www.gofundme.com/rightontheedge
The video is particularly relevant because in past cases in which the courts ruled in favor of overturning state Marriage Amendments, which protected marriage as an institution between one man and one woman, they did so by reasoning that being gay is on the same footing as race and therefore protected by the Due Process Claus of the 14th Amendment. Specifically, they state the oft repeated claim that, “gays are born that way” in order to achieve Suspect Classification. In order to be deemed a Suspect Class a group must meet three criteria.
1. The group must have suffered a long history of discrimination
2. The group must be politically powerless to help themselves
3. The group must have an innate and immutable characteristic (be “born that way”) 
There is no scientific proof that people are “born gay.” In order to argue that individuals are born that way lawyers have relied on carefully selected personal testimonies. Carefully selected personal testimonies can obviously rely on biased individuals however who have ulterior motives. For this reason I decided to go undercover to find out the truth from gays themselves. He states that he, I  was surprised by how easy it was to get gays to talk openly about the fact that they believe personal experiences were to blame and many of them stated that they had been in love with a women and could be again. 
The video confirms that sexuality is not fixed like race or gender. That is what we  have known all along, however. Emotions are fluid. Modern behaviorist psychology has shown that the nervous system is a blank slate. We can be conditioned to feel this way about that, or that way about this. As can be seen in this video, being gay seems to have something to do with unresolved emotional issues.