Dear Mr. Erickson,

Dear Mr. Erickson,

Politico reported your response to claims referenced  in their story about my brother, Phil Larsen, who runs WhyRomney.com and was banned from RedState.com.

According to Politico, you said the following:

I rarely participate in banning discussions at RedState of individual accounts, but my understanding from talking to the front page writers is that the Romney supporters whose accounts have been turned off at RedState were of individuals who routinely stated that opposition to Romney from other users stemmed from “anti-Mormon bigotry.”

We’re happy to have the supporters of the various candidates hash things out, but when the argument of choice is just to accuse people of bigotry, we don’t want to waste our time or theirs.

To the contrary, my brother did not mention Mormonism or religion a single time at RedState, and I don’t believe I have either. He also never used profanity or attacked anyone personally. Rather, the moderator streiff, who issued the ban, offered this explanation:

This diary is the most shamelessly dishonest diary I have encountered in my 7 and a half years on RedState. It is false in virtually every generality and particular and the immoral way it is being defended by you and your buttboy, or Ryan and his buttboy as the case may be, is offensive. The fact this diary has 150 comments, at this writing, and only one “recommend” should indicate to both of you that no one is taking you seriously.

Unable to defend your position you both resort to calling any criticism a smear.

Six months ago, when we banned for blatant misrepresentation of facts, I would have banned both of you clowns by now. This, however, is the era of a kinder, gentler moderation policy.

The policy is not without its logical limits. For you phillarsen, for making me throw up in my mouth, I award this ban. Congratulations. You should be proud of yourself.

If you wish to be reinstated you may do so by hitting the “contact” button and then posting an apology for your douchebaggery in this space. Ask your buddy Ryan how to find the “contact” button if you don’t know how. You can even resend his complaint about me if need be.

Phil sent an email to [email protected], requesting to be shown “one factual misrepresentation” he had made, and he did not hear back.

I want to make you aware of your error so you may have a chance to correct the record and add any details you may find relevant. RedState and Free Republic (which openly bans all pro-Romney postings) have the right to run their websites however they choose, but shutting down discussion of a Republican front-runner is not conservative, especially when the excuse offered for doing so is an untrue accusation against the person banned.

Sincere Regards,

Ryan Larsen