Connecticut Could Become 11th to Give In-State Tuition to Illegals

The democratic leadership in Connecticut is using every avenue possible to emphasize the severity of the state’s budget gap. In the wake of the last election, state residents have been hit with a message is strikingly similar to the one we received as a nation in 2009: shared sacrifice. The overarching rhetoric of how it’s responsible to consider across the board tax increases as a viable way stimulate the economy and boost state revenues rings in the ears of those who helplessly watched the last two years go by. In the opening months of the democrat’s unchecked reign in Connecticut, things are going predictably bad.

Governor Malloy just recently signed into law a 40.1 billion dollar budget which includes the largest tax increase in the state’s history coupled with some concessions to be negotiated later with organized labor. The bill included hikes in the state’s income tax to an increasingly more graduated scale than had previously been in place, an increase in the gas tax as well as increases in the sales and cigarette taxes among other things.

It is during this time that the state legislature sees fit to push through a piece of legislation that was vetoed back in 2007, taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. The bill passed the general assembly by a party line, 77-63 vote (it’s not like we haven’t heard that anywhere). The difference from before is that this time there is a governor who will very happily sign it once it gets to his desk. While the bill still has to clear the state senate, it is expected to jump that hurdle with relative ease.

The other thing that your attention should be called to is this:

“The bill would allow undocumented students who attended high school for at least four years in the state, graduated and been accepted at a higher education institution to pay the lower tuition.

Students also would be required to file an affidavit with their school saying they were seeking legal status or would do so in the future if they became eligible.”

The state is literally trying to encourage long term residency in this state by offering free elementary and secondary school education and using this system as a way to grandfather them into college.

Now the statist argument in this whole debate is that there will be very little cost to the state as a result of this bill. I am willing to concede that point because it’s not the issue. Just because something is cost effective doesn’t serve as a viable justification for making it a law. We do things because it’s the right thing to do. People who have worked hard to come into this country and earn their citizenship should be rightly outraged by this. Not only that but there are many students, who are actually citizens of this country, from out of state who work very hard and then come to Connecticut to pay that higher rate.

The bottom line is that this bill provides yet another excuse for those who have broken our nation’s laws. If we ever expect to get a handle on our illegal immigration problem we need to begin enforcing the rule of law. You cannot seriously make the argument that free reign immigration into this country will be permissible without potentially significant ramifications on our national security. Not to mention the fact that it is absolutely sickening to think that we would subordinate the needs of United States citizens, and not only that but use their hard earned money to give special treatment in promotion of such an unlawful act.

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