Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney are Republicans of the Past

If there is any indication that conservatives in the republican party are rapidly losing patience with the centrist establishment, then look at how the presidential field has been shaping up in the last few months. While the establishment continues along it’s old ways, it’s clear that many people have learned from the disaster that was the 2008 election when we were stuck with John McCain.

One of the major issues for people running is health care repeal going into the next election because of the ramifications it has on our economy. Both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, who are candidates for the republican nomination for president, have both come out supporting mandates health care coverage in some form or another. The national bill’s individual mandate was actually modeled after what Romney had done in the state of Massachusetts and Newt Gingrich partnered with Hillary Clinton back in 2005!

You might find this to be a bit of a conflict of interest if you are hoping for a viable challenge to Barack Obama in 2012. Naturally, conservatives have been turning to new faces. Herman Cain has emerged, particularly out of the first republican debate as enormously popular. He’s incredibly articulate, he has a plan to match his rhetoric, and he’s not intimidated by the opposition.

Back in March, Cain wrote a phenomenal piece on American Exceptionalism in response to President Obama’s comment comparing it to nationalism in other countries. There is something more to this country then blind rallying cries for patriotism. We actually stand for something. We believe in the Christian roots of this country and the freedom that our constitution stands for.

Americans know better. We see American Exceptionalism not as an empty cry for nationalism, but instead, the blessings of God that keep our nation strong, independent, and free. We see the American story as one of tenacity and triumph, not as one inherently flawed and in need of rewriting. We recognize the times we have stumbled but are assured that it is not due to weakness of our foundation, but instead, the imperfection of mankind.


To be very blunt, these ideals are antithetical to the ideals that ensue from Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney’s concessions of conservative principles. The individual mandate restricts freedom, there is no other way around that. It just might be the right time for people to start taking an interest in Herman Cain.