Mitt Romney on the Federal Reserve. Really?

According to the description- "This is partial raw tape; more vid to follow." Mitt Romney was met by some cameras while visiting New Hampshire. The beginning part of the video is certainly raw so bear with it: the camera goes too far to pick up sound at one point, some nonsense small talk, a little Scott Brown’s truck joke, etc. It’s not really until 2 minutes in that we get to the substance.

The Federal Reserve is audited.

If your reaction was anything like mine it went a little like:

"What!? No he didn’t… did he really?… No… What!?"

Please, please don’t let this man anywhere near the Republican nomination for 2012. I suppose it really shouldn’t be any surprise considering his record, but you would think the time we live in he’d show some common sense, at least. In my opinion, and I’m sure many would agree, Romney is no more than a common Progressive RINO that supports fellow Progressive RINO’s like John McCain.

The kicker is at the very end when he is asked whether he believes the Federal Reserve should be audited. After a little selective avoidance he staunchly replies- "No."

The same Federal Reserve that lost 9 trillion dollars that apparently upped and vanished like a fart in the wind. Then to have the gall to challenge auditing at every turn. The same Federal Reserve that refused to release the names of their trading partners that benefited from the bailouts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a system so filled with ambiguity and mystery.

It was just straight-up the wrong thing to say.