Rest assured, Rush. Proposition C is here

You may not have to go to Costa Rica for your Health Care after all. Missouri’s Proposition C passed undisputedly. Looks like all that money hopeful Liberals collected to send him there will just have to go to Planned Parenthood. Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

(via Steelers6)

Rest of the Missouri

Yes Votes 641,799 (73.1%) No Votes 235,730 (26.9%)

St. Louis City

Yes Votes 13,263 (41.1%) No Votes 18,989 (58.9%)

Kansas City

Yes Votes 12,618 (43.5%) No Votes 16,383 (56.5%)

Just merely thrown stones against the Progressive machine, but there is renewed hope. The people of Missouri stood up and rejected the federal mandate to purchase health insurance and with it a rally cry to the rest of the nation to cast off the oppressive chains this machine has clasped around our states. It will, of course, take much more than this to end the Health Care crisis.

Progressives have waited years upon years for this moment, they are not just going to let it end this way. They didn’t let overwhelming public opposition stop its passage; I’m sure there is a contingency plan for fourteen troublemaking states. Obama-Care is an enraged monster unleashed, and it has a league of lawyers as its armor. Expect nothing less than a bloody outcome. I just hope when its over it has health insurance.

Following on the heels of Virginia’s lawsuit against the Constitutionality of the same mandate there is most certainly going to be a wave of rekindled political angst reminiscent of old. I was beginning to get worried when talks of Obama-Care began to fade under the pile of current events. The finish line is no where near in sight, but at least now a track is forming. The machine pushed as far as it can, and yesterday the people pushed back. So, we can all rest assured… for now.