Price of Appeasement

If you GOOGLE appeasement you will find that Neville Chamberlain’s name is inexorable associated with the term. What the appeasement by Chamberlain led to was WWII. Today we see similar appeasement on domestic policies fomented by the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives. Boehner and his cadre have bent over backwards to appease the Democrats and most importantly President Obama. Yet on the international front Boehner and the Republicans have an policy of no appeasement. Why would one pursue one policy against our “foreign” enemies and another against the domestic “enemies” of our freedoms and the individuals rights of American citizens. Will the appeasment of Boehner and his cohorts lead to a crisis of Constitutional proportion? I believe it is possible.  I know this, former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said that “weakness is provacative”. I believe that the politcal weakness of the Republican leadership will lead embolden the Democrats and Obama to be even more provactive in their policies.

Bill Moore