Add Stephen Hayes to the Leper List

and toobin smearing her as usual, and campbell brown telling her to “shut up”. that sexist idiot is trying to become the next olbermann, with her self congratulatory “cut the bull” editorial segments.

stephen hayes of the weekly standard should be fired or at least keep watch on him. he’s aiming to promote romney or jindal possibly, but they obviously dont know the base like palin does and will therefore lose. obama is a far left radical but he was good at hiding it with his so called charm. palin needs a year or two to get a hold of this new national media environment and she’ll be ready to topple Obama in no time. Obama made it in 4 years, so can palin, who is so much smarter than Obama since randy scheunemann described her to have a “photographic memory” and “brilliant”.

cancel your subscriptions or threaten them and tell them to fire hayes. what a disgrace.

customer service request number: 1-800-274-7293

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