Obama Vacationing in French Polynesia While He Could Testify in Investigation

Almost two weeks after President Trump accused former President Obama of “wiretapping” him at Trump Tower, Obama began his month-long vacation in French Polynesia.  Now that Trump’s claims have been validated by Devin Nunes and Dr. Evelyn Farkas, the question looms: will Barack Obama be asked to testify at the hearings of the ongoing investigation?

Although the President does not have the authority to issue a FISA warrant for wiretapping, many think that Obama’s Justice Department carried it out.  So, Obama had to know about it in one way or another.  Just as former director of National Intelligence James Clapper and current FBI director James Comey denied (we now know they lied to cover it up), Obama can only be expected to do the same.

Liberals question why former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn allegedly asked for immunity, so they will hopefully see the irony in Barack Obama’s supposed escape to a remote island half-way across the world.  If Flynn is forced to testify in the Russian collusion probe, Obama must also be forced to testify in the wiretapping probe.