Why a Ryan Speakership Does Not Work

One of the problems of being a professional politician is that it requires a forfeiture of the very things that most likely made you an attractive candidate. Our system of government was never designed for the root-growing, generational office holder. [mc_name name=”Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)” chamber=”house” mcid=”R000570″ ] is full of positives but his vocational approach to his office is a problem. He has to follow the law of gravity too, he gets no pass.

A quick look at nations from antiquity to today, will render a conclusion that power consolidation and decay is the road of all societies.  The United States is not unique, but our form of government was originally designed to repel the gravitational pull of power concentration.

[mc_name name=’Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’R000570′ ] is indeed a smart man and I will not go the arrogant way of presupposing some sort of advantage over him either in intellect or perspective, but I will opine on the danger of his speakership.


When George W. Bush started campaigning for his presidential bid in 1999 he coined the term “compassionate conservative”. The simple strategy of this maneuver, which has Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over it, was to counter the erroneous but popular notion that democrats had successfully pinned on the GOP, that Republicans were not compassionate.

The glaring problem with this strategy was that it accepted the premise. By pushing this label the media and the entire left wing of the political landscape sung in unison, “See they are all cold hearted devils.”

This was not intentional because the “compassionate conservative” has its roots with Jack Kemp and his desire to fight poverty and make all things right. As the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Kemp pushed for legislation, programs and regulatory changes that were wrapped in the flowery language of compassion with a conservative twist. The twist was only a change in words like, “empowerment” and “opportunity”, cleverly trying to appeal to a idea that the nation’s poor and underclass could lift themselves into productivity with a little help from dear old dad government.

Jack Kemp
Jack Kemp

The problem with this is that it NEVER WORKS. The philosophy that pushes the concept that government has the ability or the responsibility to be benevolent is a wicked corrosive collection of thoughts. It also makes you undecipherable from fascists and leftists.

What Kemp desired to do is noble but the entire political philosophy I find repugnant. Just the name “Housing and Urban Development” sounds like something out of communist USSR! The mantle he took up and built upon was that the federal government is an appropriate means of solving poverty and other social ills.

The only power the government has is given to it by the people. The teeth of that power is coercion and property confiscation. From the war on drugs, war on poverty, renewable energy, etc. All these and every grant, study and “investment” has at its genesis a forced takeover of the fruits of your labor.



So what does all this have to do withPaul Ryan? He is of that line of thinking that government is good if it is run by the “right” people. He sees a growing and substantive role of the federal apparatus in the lives of the citizen. He is a big government guy. He is against debt and deficits but he is most certainly not in favor of a small government.

He is Baromir from The Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Ring), he believes that the “ring” – government – can be used for good. His forbears, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Adams, Franklin vehemently disagree.

The reason why I am of against a Ryan speakership is because it solidifies the GOP as a progressive party. PennonPovertyThe difference between the democrats and the republicans will be Socialism on the left and socialism on the right.

The things that will change between the parties will only be the benefactors and the beneficiaries. The foundational principles of rights and individual sovereignty will be replaced with centralized collectivism. The narrative building and propaganda arms of the parties will have different words but the DNA will be the same.

We are becoming what our founders fought a war to separate from. The tyrant is not going to come in the form of a leader, the tyrant is already here, it is the bureaucracy. We are no longer citizens who are endowed by our creator with rights with a common understanding of ontological equality. We are now subjects of the elite who know more than we do and will tell us what to eat, what to wear. They will instruct us on what to drive and how we consume energy.

The reason why Paul Ryan won’t work is because it means that the grassroots of the republican party have no voice. We will continue to work for a season, but eventually we will see that the system is a fraud.


The term RINO (Republican in Name Only) is a popular colloquialism but I am not going to use it anymore because it belies the truth that Republicans have never been the party of conservatism. RINO is a term that has at is core understanding that Republicans should be for a smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Poppycock. Stop using it. Look at the last 30 years and a conservative fiscally responsible GOP is rarer that Sasquatch. On social issues the GOP are indecipherable from the Democrats, yes I hear you yelling but words are cheap. The GOP has funded Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and has nominated and/or confirmed the very Supreme Court Justices that are undermining our moral foundation.

Paul Ryan is a great guy and I am sure that he will be “successful” as speaker, but he will not represent a smaller government philosophy and I guarantee he will not represent liberty minded conservatives because he is not one.