Media Bias - Jake Tapper Edition

Now that Ben Carson has risen to the top of the GOP field, the media overlords must take him down.

If anyone consumes just a little bit of media, you will find that the political press is particularly myopic in their approach. They have long abandon reporting, digging for truth and being the conduit of what is and not what ought to be.

The legacy media see their role as progressive gatekeepers. They see themselves as world changers, keepers of the “holy things”, you know like secular humanism, anti-Christian bigotry and liberal purity.

The media has a dog in the fight. They have an ax to grind, stake in the game (<- cliché alert!).  The media would never grill a democrat candidate in this manner. They would assume the best and only tax the candidate on the superfluous.

Jake Tapper was obnoxious in his dogged questioning. He created a context and forced Dr. Carson to fit into it. It did not matter what the candidate said, Tapper would have none of it. His questions were not informational or trying to pry through an evasive interviewee. Dr. Carson was not coy or deflecting. Tapper wanted him to answer “When did you stop hitting your wife?”, pathetic.

The entire interview is combative. At the end a Carson campaign advisor puts an end to the interview. Typically ending an interview is a bad idea and I do not think Dr. Carson was being harmed by Tapper’s bias.

If members of the media are dead set on rooting for the democrats by character assassination, I say let’s expose it. The handler jumping in when he did saved Tapper not Carson.

Jake Tapper was the one who looked ridiculous here. I wonder if Hillary Clinton will get this treatment about a real issue, her disregarding the law and being criminally loose with classified information. Probably not.

The Republican field is better than it has been in a long while and I for one am delighted that the establishment is powerless to control how we the people are going to vote.

God speed, Dr. Carson!

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