The Pope, Politics and the People


For the multitude of faithful American Catholics who are also conservative, the Pope’s visit last week brought into focus that his worldview is decidedly not one that is compatible with American conservatism.

Social Media has erupted causing the differences between Catholicism and orthodox protestantism to come to the surface. Since his election, many conservative Catholics have tried to defend the Pope’s views but have been frustrated as it has become obvious that he has Marxist sensibilities and a leftist worldview.

This Pope does not have an affection for free market capitalism nor does he see the virtue in the ideal of Creator endowed rights as ushered in by our founders, built upon such bulwarks as the Magna Carta and British Jurisprudence.

The reality is that we who “hold these truths to be self evident” are not in the same philosophical camp as this Pontiff. The preamble to the Declaration of Independence is not something Pope Francis appreciates apparently.

For many conservative Christians, evangelicals and mainliners, who lock arms with our Catholic brothers and sisters spent much of last week debating the substance and context of the Pope’s words with the spiritual and religious affection of the office he holds.

My timeline has been flooded with folks throwing down on Apostolic succession to “are Catholics really Christians?”. The reformation has been revisited on Facebook.

This Pope has caused a substantive conundrum for conservative Catholics who love their faith and their country.


When discussing spiritual things, especially the collision of theological points of view, the faithful can become strident, dug in and intolerant. Last week was a test case in frustration both as a Christian and as a conservative.

 Pope Francis
Pope Francis

This Pope was used as a political pawn by this administration and the fallout was complete with every left leaning group, organization and media outlet claiming solidarity not to the faith of this man but to his alignment with issues they are passionate about.

It was akin to watching the gullible kid in grade school eat worms because the “popular” kids asked him to. The Gospel or any type of appeal to the Pontiff’s goal of being Christ’s representative on earth was completely muted by a his acceptance of liberal premises and decided indifference to political realities all around him.

He didn’t have to address congress and enter into a political body and choose sides. His opinion on climate change has nothing to do with the Gospel nor does it represent science or truth.

While he did many things to draw attention to the Catholic faith and the plight of the needy, they were tragically slighted by the rush of premise building by the mass media who saw this visit as a confirmation of their political views.

They could care less that he visited the Little Sisters of The Poor or skipped lunch with leaders of state to dine with homeless folks.

In total these acts of humility were seen as cynical moves to patronize the faithful while his “real” goal of furthering a progressive agenda was going on, full steam ahead.


As a devout Christian who has deep affection for the Catholic Church and respect for the Pope, this Pope as well as the voice he gives to the historicity and validity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I am frustrated.

I am at odds with this Pope on many topics but feel strongly that there was a purposeful mistreatment and disrespect of him by my government.

I do not feel like he understands free market capitalism nor global markets. He is a humble man who carries the plight of the needy with great honor.

I support him in this but it is malpractice on my part not to point out that railing against wealth creation is to create more suffering, more poverty, more need if those goals were to be achieved. The zero sum game he has espoused is a socialist’s lie.

The utopia of wealth redistribution is not about lifting the poor from their plight or fighting injustice. The progressive leftist worldview is only about consolidating power. It robs individuals of dignity and it creates a fertile environment for injustice, oppression and totalitarianism to grow.

For this nation, this Pope is now the poster child for left leaning progressivism. He has now given fuel to the liberal agenda of using the state to “do good”. This is not a good thing.

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