NC-11 Primary Results, Miller gets GOP nod, 40% of Dems oppose Shuler

Pending certification, Hendersonville businessman Jeff Miller has been elected to represent the Republican Party in November’s election for the U.S. House of Representatives, NC District 11.  Miller received 40.13% of the vote compared to 34% for second place finisher, Dan Eichenbaum, narrowly exceeding the 40% threshold needed to avoid a runoff.

Vote totals are to be made official Tuesday, May 11, and Eichenbaum has until Thursday, May 13 to request a recount.


Miller runs a family business in Hendersonville, which has been in operation for generations, and is best known for organizing Henderson County Honor Air, dedicated to flying World War II veterans to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., free of charge.


Learn more about Mr. Miller here:


Meanwhile, in the Democrat Primary, incumbent Heath Shuler was opposed by 40% of the party, including losing Buncombe County, the District’s most populous.  Shuler has caused unrest among some Democrat voters, most notably for voting twice against the health care bill.  He has tried to dance around his problem that NC-11 is a generally Conservative district, but with an ultra-liberal enclave, (Asheville) by passing himself off as a “Blue Dog” or conservative Democrat.  It appears that is costing him a good part of his base.

Certainly 40% of Democrats will not vote against him in the general election, but it’s clear that some will, and almost as good, it is likely many of them will stay home.


Miller still faces an uphill battle, as Shuler has a huge cash advantage, and wide name recognition, even beyond his incumbency.  It is also fair to say Shuler was not in full campaign mode for the primary.

However, NC-11 is a district that John McCain won handily in 2008, and was represented by a Republican from 1990, until Shuler’s election in 2006.  Hopefully the party will see this district as one that can be taken back in November.