Pt II: Is Gore's Accusation of Skeptic Climate Scientists Still a Hoax?

Al Gore is on some kind of roll lately. First, he latched onto the population control thing, and today he has a multi-thousand word article online at Rolling Stone, taking his usual swipe at skeptic scientists for being corrupted by fossil fuel industry money.

In my RedState article just a short while ago, “Forget the Science; Is Al Gore’s Accusation of Skeptic Climate Scientists a Hoax?“, I described how the accusation is based on a memo no one was allowed to see, using an out-of-context sentence, promoted by a person who was not a Pulitzer winner despite accolades to the contrary, who was credited with finding the memo by Al Gore, who had the memo collection in his own possession four years earlier. Considering the way he and many others have praised that so-called “Pulitzer winner”, Ross Gelbspan, the revelation of those memos at his Senate office in 1991 certainly does pose a problem.

In a quick skim though Gore’s article today, I’m struck by one brand-new oddity. On its first page, he says about deniers’ efforts,

Part of the script for this show was leaked to The New York Times as early as 1991. In an internal document, a consortium of the largest global-warming polluters spelled out their principal strategy: “Reposition global warming as theory, rather than fact.”

In all the searching I’ve done for the “reposition global warming” phrase, I’ve only found a couple other references to people who cite Matt Wald’s 1991 NY Times article. One was a book co-author who cited the phrase in his 1994 book, a year prior to Gelbspan’s first public mention of it. That particular individual seems also to be inconveniently tied to the IPCC, as I detailed in my American Thinker article, “There is a Cancer Growing on the IPCC and Al Gore“. The other is the lawyer in the Kivalina v Exxon global warming nuisance lawsuit, seen in my November 2010 article at Breitbart’s BigGovernment site. I noted how the lawyer seems to have far too many ties to Gelbspan.

Since it is quite rare to see anyone referring to the ’91 NY Times article, I found it strange for a former Greenpeace researcher to link to it just last month when mentioning the original source for the “reposition global warming” phrase, the Information Council on the Environment (ICE). Gelbspan was associated with the enviro-activist group Ozone Action, which first bragged of ‘obtaining’ the memos in early 1996. It later merged with Greenpeace USA in 2000, and its founder became Greenpeace USA’s new executive director. Kalee Kreider, currently Al Gore’s spokesperson, was a recent transfer to Greenpeace from Ozone Action when she offered high praise of Gelbspan’s work in a 1997 Greenpeace press release. The current Greenpeace USA director, himself a former Ozone Action worker, praised Gelbspan in 2009 for “uncover[ing] the scandalous cover up of global warming by polluting companies“.

Suddenly Gore now links to that old NY Times article in a way that will be widely seen and reproduced. What’s going on here?

Meanwhile, another bit at the end of Gore’s long article isn’t surprising at all.

…contact your local newspapers and television stations when they put out claptrap on climate — and let them know you’re fed up with their stubborn and cowardly resistance to reporting the facts of this issue. One of the main reasons they are so wimpy and irresponsible about global warming is that they’re frightened of the reaction they get from the deniers when they report the science objectively.

Yawn. ‘Blame the media for cowardly resistance, a.k.a. allowing too much equal weight to be given to skeptic scientists who dilute public concern to the point of fatal inactivity’. I showed the enormous problems with that narrative in two different articles, “Will MSM Look into the Global Warming Abyss and Find Their Character?” and ” ‘Media Too Fair to Climate Skeptics’, say reporters who’ve been unfair to skeptics“. Speaking for myself, it’s difficult to count the number of times I sent letters to my local newspaper questioning their Gore-style global warming reports, with only one of the whole bunch ever getting published. That paper has no fear of ‘deniers’, a virtual trash can has long been the final resting place for such emails.

This is a historic time we’re in right now. The entire global warming ideology is falling apart in front of our eyes, with Al Gore gladly guiding it toward complete ruin. Years from now, people will be able to point out which of these current events is the one where global warming went into the irreversible slide toward its total collapse.

Russell Cook’s collection of writings on this issue can be seen at “The ’96-to-present smear of skeptic scientists” or at this backup link  Follow him at Twitter via @questionAGW