Obama's CHANGE for the Better

The political password of Obama is the need for “change, America is heading in the wrong direction”, the question is, which direction should America take to solve its economic and military problems?

Obama’s CHANGE for the Better

The political password of Obama is the need for “change, America is heading in the wrong direction”, the question is, which direction should America take to solve its economic and military problems? Perhaps a look at rather recent history since World War II can provide evidence as to the right way to go?

At the end of World War II, socialism, under the guidance of Communist Soviet Union, was spreading rapidly throughout the world. America countered by supporting and making alliances with governments that wanted to remain free of communism. Both America and the USSR developed nuclear missiles as an impediment to military action by the other side. The “cold war” took on a more heated and scary reality.

The Soviets beat America into space with “Sputnik”, and later with the first man in space. President Kennedy responded with the first man on the Moon project. The only trouble was he needed an enormous amount of money to do this. So he reduced taxes, which spurred America ’s free enterprise economy, more people working and paying taxes helped finance this huge space program.

Later, when President Reagan, labeled the “cowboy” from Hollywood was elected president, the cold war was still a major problem for America. What to do? He lowered taxes. The free enterprise economy once again provided large gobs of money.

Margaret Thatcher in the UK was also faced with a dire economic situation when she took office. Things turned around when she sold off the government run socialist businesses to private enterprise, their free enterprise economy took off and the UK prospered.

Gorbachev, the Soviet leader was amazed on how well the free enterprise system was out-performing his socialist system. When Ronald Reagan boldly announced that he was fed up with the Soviet “evil empire”, and threatened to launch the “Star Wars” program, this shocked Gorbachev, for he’d come to realize that the Soviet socialized economy could not compete with the free enterprise economy.

So miracle of miracles, at the insistence of Ronald Reagan, Gorbachev tore down the Berlin Wall, and started the process of democratizing Russia, which brought an end to the cold war.

However, what didn’t happen was stopping the insidious penetration of the superiority of a socialist controlled economy over free enterprise in the minds of America ’s left wing leaders in government, the media, the schools, and even the courts.

More recently, President George W. Bush inherited an economy headed into a recession. He got the message on reducing taxes, but was confronted by the left-wingers in congress, so he compromised by agreeing to a time limit on reduced taxes. The economy picked up and remained strong until the sub-prime lending fiasco, which was the fault of irresponsible lenders and borrowers, not of President Bush!

At this time, America is faced with choosing a new president, Obama vs. McCain. Both are calling for a change.

So which type of change is best for America?

On the one hand, Obama believes it’s best to let the tax reduction act of President Bush expire. He believes that industry will continue to produce plenty of taxable income.

But what have we learned from recent history? It will do just the opposite.

With much higher taxes, it’ll be harder for free enterprise businesses, small and large, to develop new and better ways of producing marketable products and services. Unemployment will increase, reducing the availability of taxable income to government.

Raising taxes will also hinder the development of internal sources of energy. America ’s dependence on foreign oil has led to excessively high gasoline prices. America must move aggressively to eliminate this problem and that will require strong financial support.

With Obama’s tax increase, everybody loses, especially the unemployed worker and the poor (less money available from private and government charitable programs).

McCain on the other hand promises to fight for an extension of the tax reduction act and stop pork barrel spending, which recent history proves works wonders for the economy. And a strong economy is what’s really needed to help the poor and the underprivileged.

Wake up America; Vote for those who favor a free market economy as opposed to those who prefer more restrictions and higher taxes. McCain may be far from perfect, but at least he’s experienced enough to learn these important lessons from history. Even the Chinese communist government has figured out that a free enterprise system works far better than a socialized economy. Even under their less then desirable communistic rule, their economy is booming and providing their government with massive amounts of money. Somehow Obama has not yet learned these important lessons from history, namely the value of low taxes and a free enterprise system.

In conclusion; a vote for McCain will most benefit all Americans.

But it’s equally important that we also elect free enterprise, low tax candidates (Right Wing Republicans) into Congress to assure rapid passage of bills critical for improving the economy, lowering gas prices and curbing unemployment.