Trump Presidency Highlights Problems Within the American Church


*The RedState blog is more about conservatism, but I felt a discussion about the state of faith-based voters was needed. “Evangelicals” ( whatever that means nowadays) influence elections, for good or ill.

I will not mince words. I am disappointed that some who identify themselves as Christians voted for Trump. He does not represent the character that a follower of Jesus should look for in an elected leader. To be fair, the term “evangelical” has become so broad that it is difficult to really define what that even means. Additionally as the data is breaking down it seems that fewer evangelicals voted for Trump than Romney. That is a positive thing. However, among those who did vote too many went with Trump. Some of those who voted for Trump are simply cultural Christians. They warm the pews but never really get off the bench. Their faith is for Sunday’s only and the other days is not even thought of. They probably wouldn’t know the teachings of Jesus from the words of Buddha. Others who voted for Trump are simply sheeple. They are taken in by the deceptive tactics of people who call themselves Christian leaders. (The problem of worship and almost guru-like status of Christian leaders, writers, etc is a post for another day). Others were simply afraid. Instead of choosing faith, they chose fear. Instead of courage, they chose a compromise of convictions. This latter group I can have some empathy for, though I cannot agree or support their ultimate choice.

All of this is simply a consequence of where Christianity is at in modern America. Over the last few decades those on both sides of the political spectrum calling themselves Christians have distorted what it means to follow Jesus. Those on the political Left have made Christianity all about a social gospel with very little truth or conviction. Sin is a taboo subject and the instructions of God are regarded as a buffet from which you pick and choose which ones you want to follow or believe. Those on the political Right have made Christianity all about escaping a wicked world by going to heaven and managing sin. Both have traded the truth of Christ for some pop version of Christianity. Both have put politics above God and His kingdom. Even more than that far too many are not at all interested in studying orthodox theology and the important questions that arise from such studies. Instead they prefer trite drivel masquerading as a bible study or the latest Christian hipster social justice blog.

I am the eldest of the millennials so I guess it is my birthright to be disillusioned with what I see in the Church and society at large. Politically speaking I feel that the best thing Christians could do would be to divorce themselves from both political parties. We need to become an independent voice of reason, grace, and truth (the same could be said for conservatives as a whole). In order to do that some real soul searching needs to take place within the Church along with some good old-fashioned repentance. I hope it happens soon. Our country is so fractured and angry. Fear and mistrust is at an all time high. We need focused and renewed churches to help bring healing to our great nation.