The Fight For Marriage: Giving Up Is Not An Option

Candidly, the last few days have been discouraging as a Christ-following Christian. I have found myself wondering where God is in all of this and if He has abandoned our country. The amount of hate and intolerance spewed towards Christians who believe the teachings of their faith regarding marriage has been appalling. At times I have felt like just giving up on any hopes our country can be renewed and restored. As someone who is more of an optimist than a pessimist these thoughts and feelings have not been pleasant.

Bu then I remember that giving up is exactly what evil wants us to do. Sadly, giving up has become all too common for churches and it has been that way for many decades. I believe we have much to repent of as the Church. We have been apathetic and have passively relinquished our culture to evil. We have ceased to be salt and light. False eschatological theology, the empasis on the Gospel being either solely a ” get out of Hell free card” or a social justice program, and the fear of offending have all contributed heavily to the loss of influence we have on our culture. What we see in society today is simply the fruit of our failings in this area. The question is where to we go from here.

First, I believe we need to repent. As Christians, we must ask forgiveness for our apathy and abandon any theology that encourages us to leave the world to its own fate. If God loved the world so much that He gave His Son for it, surely He would want us to aid Him in its restoration.

After repentance comes action. We must seek God and ask for wisdom on how to fight back against the evil in our culture. Yes, fight back. We should not employ violence or anger in our fight. Our weapons will be peaceful civil disobedience and wisdom. When the SCOTUS legalizes gay marriage ( as sadly all pundits say it will), we must not accept their false and unconstitutional decision. I propose we immediately start legislative action within the states to remove the government from marriage. It is the only solution that we have left.

I know that many of my fellow Conservatives have been against this idea. They have listed the obstacles to it and in many cases they were right. When the Constitution meant something, I found myself agreeing with them. But things have changed. We are faced with the choice of either passive acceptance or inevitable force to change our religious views backed by the power of the government. Neither are acceptable alternatives to me. The only option left is to get the government out of the marriage business. If the government is removed from the process, they will no longer have the power to enforce anything in this area. If you want to take down a powerful mob/mafia you go after their source of power. In this case, it is the state.

What if only churches or ministers could marry people? Why not return marriage to what it is? A sacrament before God. I know there are many obstacles. The state has woven its tentacles within marriage, but surely we can unwind it. It is not an impossible feat. Marriage should not be tied to taxes or other state functions. It is not a state insitution, it is a religious one. That is why the courts have no business legislating it.

We can turn the tide in this debate if we will have the courage to pressure our legislatures to remove government out of marriage. This country was founded on individual and religious freedom. Our forefathers, with God’s help, defied the most powerful nation on earth and won. Surely we can find a way to disentangle the leviathan known as government from marriage. I strongly believe we can if we band together and try. It is the only option left to preserve both religious freedom and the sanctity of marriage.