Jason Collins: The Hypocrisy & Bias of the Leftist Media

Today Jason Collins became the first active professional athlete in a major sport to “come out” as being gay. As expected, the Left- leaning media sites were fawning all over him, hailing him as “courageous”, a “hero” and  a “role model.” Some even tried to liken him to Jackie Robinson. Forget that Jason Collins is an average professional basketball player (who recently got dumped by the Celtics and picked up by Washington) and Jackie Robinson is one of the greatest ever to play his sport. Forget that race and the fight of Black Americans to attain equality has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation. For the media spin machine, facts and reality cannot get in the way of a story and an opportunity to push an agenda.

But this diary is not really about Jason Collins. It is about the phony meme of tolerance and acceptance the Leftist media and their supporters preach to the nation on an almost daily basis. I say phony because their definition of “tolerance” extends only to those who agree with their view of morality and/or world view. Anyone who does not is not tolerated. Period. They are excoriated and called all sorts of names such as “haters”, “homophobic”, or “evil.”

Which brings me to my question about what takes real courage these days. Do you think that if a major professional athlete “came out” in a prime time interview and admitted that he was supportive of traditional marriage (and against gay marriage), believed in the Bible’s view of homosexuality, and/or supported traditional values he or she would receive the same treatment the media is giving Collins? Would he/she receive tweets of support from fellow athletes, Hollywood stars, a former President and his daughter? Would a major sponsor such as Nike stand by him/her and the commissioner of the sport praise his/her “courage?” If you believe the answer is yes, I would like to ask what color the sky is in your world.

To those of us who are intellectually honest and live in Realville, we know that athlete would never receive the support that Collins is receiving. In fact, he or she would receive exactly the opposite treatment. The sponsors would either drop him/her or they would distance themselves from the star (depending on the star power of the athlete and how many shoes he or she sells); touting all the while their support for “diversity” and “inclusion” as a reason. The Commissioner of their sport would equally distance themselves from the statements within thirty minutes of the “coming out.”. There would be no tweets of support from Hollywood stars or former Presidents. Maybe a fellow athlete would tweet some support, but those would be few and far between. After all, who wants to be demonized by the media and treated as a pariah?

So which “coming out” is more courageous these days? Collins or those who speak out about their faith and/or traditional values and morality?

In today’s media culture, the latter most definitely wins the courage award by a mile.

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