Reflections on Why We Lost and How to Solve It

The inevitable hand-wringing and pointing fingers has begun within GOP circles. Some want to toss out Social Conservatives, others want to pander to Latino voters by granting blanket amnesty, some say the Ron Paul vote stayed home, other claim the Evangelicals did, and so on and so forth. Many of the reactions are extreme and not founded on any facts, data, or common sense for that matter. This is very dangerous because it blinds us what the real issues are. In a way, I have felt that many of these reactions reflect the same flawed thinking that got us into this mess in the first place.

Below are the core reasons I feel we lost and some possible solutions to these issues. Many of these are issues that have been pointed out by people wiser than I. I am simply seeking to put them together in one diary.

Issue#1: A legion of dishonest and opportunistic consultants that plague the GOP. Ace of Spades and our own RS have done the leg work on exposing the fraud of the GOTV program that was known as ORCA. If you have not read these pieces, you need to. Warning: It will make your blood boil.

Solution: Name names and blacklist these people. Once again, RS and Ace of Spades are leading the way on this one. We should not let up. These people should be publicly exposed for the fraudulent beings that they are.

Issue #2: The Leftist Media owns the airwaves and they appeal to the low-informed voter. I know that Fox News owns the news airways, so I am not speaking of news outlets per se. It is more pop culture that I am speaking of.

Solution: We have to find a way to break into pop culture. I am not asking that we abandon our values to do so. On the contrary, we need to use it to educate people on our values. The invention of the website Twitchy is a step in the right direction.

Issue #3: This is closely related to Issue #2, but is slightly different. We have candidates that fail to realize that the MSM hates them with a passion. Even if they do realize this, they do not understand the Left-wing media machine and how they work and think. Therefore they are unprepared for the onslaught that comes their way.

Solution: Before anyone runs for GOP office, they are required to read Breitbart’s “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World” and Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals.” If we are going to defeat the Left and their media shills, we have to learn how they think. Know thine enemy.

Issue#4: We must increase our outreach to minority voters and low-income voters. We cannot write off these groups as hopelessly Democrat voting blocks.

Solution: Unlike Krauthammer and others, I do not think the solution is blanket amnesty. This will not be enough to draw Latino voters, as they tend to value bigger government policies (something we can change, see below). However, I do think we need to moderate our stance on immigration. We should listen to the ideas of Sen. Rubio and Governor Perry on this issue. If we tackle this from a conservative, yet humane perspective, this could be a winning issue for us.

But even this will not solve our challenges in this area on its own. We need to go into minority and low-income communities and listen to the problems facing their families. If we open up dialogue, we will have more of an opportunity to educate people on how limited government and fiscal conservatism will directly help them. We will not convert everyone, but if we convert just a few we can turn this country around. We must engage, engage, engage.

Issue#5: Teacher’s Unions and the Education System. The majority of people educating our children are members of the teacher’s unions. These unions are nothing more than another wing of the DNC. They are indoctrinating our children to adopt the Leftist ideaology.

Solution: Take down the teacher’s unions on a state-by-state basis. Push school-choice initiatives and charter schools with more parental control. Be engaged in what your child is learning. If you see signs of indoctrination, raise heck about it and make it your mission in life to get that teacher fired. Take the story to the local media. School districts hate bad publicity. It is time to declare war on the liberal indoctrination of our children.

Issue #6: Train our Presidential candidates to be Happy Warriors. Too often we either have just  the “happy” or the “warrior.” Pushing moderate candidates whose sole objective is to avoid twisting off a media that hates them anyways is a losing strategy. Having a fire-breathing dragon for a candidate never works either.

Solution: We need someone who boldly stands up for Conservative principles (all of them), while simultaneously connecting these principles to a better life for all Americans. No more candidates who will not take on the Media and no more agreements to debates moderated by members of the DNC media. Be a Happy Warrior!

If we start on these things now, we will take back this country. In a few short months (maybe sooner), people will be more open to the Conservative viewpoint once they begin to feel what they voted for. We must be ready. Let’s roll!