A Rallying Point For The Tea Party

I have been quite open about my support for Rick Perry for President of the United States and for my support of the Tea Party Movement as a whole. Therefore you can imagine that last night’s Iowa caucus (debacle) results were disheartening. I will not go in to all of the reasons why Rick Santorum is a big government Republican, nor why Newt and Romney are more of the same. Their records and actions speak for themselves and can be easily researched by anyone with a cursory knowledge of the Internet.

This diary is more about the realization I came to this morning and the conclusions I have drawn from it as a Tea Party supporter. The reality is that I (and probably many others) began my political awakening with much naivete and a gross underestimation of the Washington establishment class. It is hard to admit, but it is the truth.

The thing about naivete is that it is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it is the beginning spark of innocence and idealism. It ignites the hope that things can and will get better if we put our best foot forward. Naivete is the youthful exuberance we all feel as young people beginning our lives.

However, naivete not tempered with wisdom and persistence will lead to bitterness and disillusionment when the road becomes difficult in life. What begins as youthful hope, turns to a premature aging of the mind and a cynical resignation of a less-than-desirable fate. This outcome was and is my fear for myself and my fellow Tea Party supporters.

I am afraid we thought that one or two elections would solve the problems we face in this country or at least place us on the right track. We believed it because we thought that those we sent to Washington in 2010 would begin to fix what was broken. After all, that is what we would do in their place.

But common sense and principle does not abound in Washington, as we soon found out. Unfortunately, the corruption and love for big government and power runs deep in Washington and the thirty to forty percent of those of the 2010 elections who held true to their convictions were not enough to overthrow the GOP establishment.

All of this has drawn me towards the conclusion that unless we take over the House and Senate and fill them with small-government conservatives we will always face an uphill battle. The halls of Congress is where the real power resides and where the corrupt, big government policies originate and come into being. I fear we are losing sight of this truth with all of the hype and angst over the GOP Presidential nominee.

I am in no way implying that the top of the ticket does not matter. Four years of Obama should convince anyone that who is in the White House is important. However, we must recall that Obama could never have unleashed the terror that he has on this country without the aiding and abetting of a Democrat controlled House and Senate. Conversely, even if the most conservative candidate (which I believe to be Rick Perry) wins the nomination and beats Obama, he would still have difficulty making real change in Washington with the current squishy leadership of the GOP in Congress. The point is that these down-ticket races are crucial and are our tickets to changing Washington back to the way our Founders intended.

I know that if Romney or Gingrich wins the nomination, it will be hard for us to stomach. Believe me, I know. But I caution everyone not to hit the panic button and resign ourselves to the fate the establishment GOP has planned for us. Yes, they may succeed at “choosing our candidate” for us, as they have consistently tried to do via media from day one. But they cannot choose our Congressmen and women. We the People still have a voice and we can and MUST use it. I encourage everyone to go to the Senate Conservatives Fund and read up on who they have endorsed. This group is led by Sen. Jim DeMint and helped successfully elect solid small government conservatives like Rubio, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee.

Whatever you do, do not stay home on Election Day, no matter who the nominee is. That form of “protest” is a selfish move and not becoming of one who claims to love this country. If (God forbid), Romney or Gingrich wins the nomination, hold your nose and vote for them. But give, volunteer, and campaign for the most conservative, small government Senate/House candidate who will give them hell on a daily basis if they fail to reform Washington and shrink the size of government.

That is a form of retribution on the establishment I can get behind, can you? Remember: Don’t get mad, get even. A great thought to rally behind.

Tea Party 2012