A Perspective On The Recent Budget Deal

I know that many are angry and disappointed over Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership’s recent budget agreement. These feelings are understandable for a number of reasons. For decades, Washington has massively grown the government, spent our taxpayer dollars with unprecedented recklessness, and effectively thrown the Constitution under the bus. We are fed up and we won’t take it anymore. There is an innate urge to want change and to want it immediately.

The problem is that all of our victories we have had in the House (defunding ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood, 61 billion dollars in cuts) have to go through the Leftist controlled Senate and White House. These are the people who have made their big government policies into a form of religion and will demonize anyone who stands in the way of their precious doctrine of taxing and spending. As Erick noted in his post the other day, the President even went as far as to effectively hold our military and their families as hostages to prevent his budget from being cut. These are the types of people the House had to negotiate with.

I know that we wanted more cuts and that we did not get all we wanted, Boehner himself acknowledges that. But I think that we won more than we lost. We forced Obama and Reid to cut money from a budget that they had no intention of cutting. We forced a vote in the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood and to repeal ObamaCare. We were able to return school choice to DC and eliminate taxpayer funded abortions there. There will be audits and investigations into the real costs of ObamaCare and the thousands of waivers handed out, as well as mandatory audits of the effects of the Dodd-Frank debacle. All of these things are good and should be modestly celebrated to some extent.

The reality is that this nation has been a victim of Progressive policies for nearly a century. Our decline has been slow and the Left has been patient in achieving their oppressive goals. But by the grace of God, we the American people are waking up and we are ready for a fight to save this nation. But we must be patient and unwavering, fighting for every battle both big and small. We will win some outright victories like the November 2010 House and State office races, and some will be partial victories like the recent budget deal. The net result is that we are moving forward with our agenda to rescue this country from its Progressive tyrants.

I will also add that it is imperative that we learn to strike a balance between holding our elected officials accountable for their actions and eating our own. This can be a tough line to walk, especially given that elected officials are known for being more sneaky and underhanded than an army of ambulance-chasing lawyers. But we must learn to temper our desire for instant cures with the political reality that we do not control the White House or the Senate yet.

This does not meant that we should not engage in the fight and simply roll over. On the contrary, the more we engage, the more the Left is exposed for the petty tyrants they are. But when we fail to get all of what we want due to the current administration, don’t turn around and shoot the guy who has been fighting alongside you! Blame the opposition and Obama’s allegiance to failed Progressive policies.

We may have not achieved complete victory today, but we took a step towards it. The next big budget battle is around the corner and we need to unified and strong in purpose. It will take a series of wins to return this country to greatness.