Another TSA Outrage

Today a tragic story has surfaced out of Atlanta. A young woman was abducted in the MARTA parking lot of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. She was taken to her abductor’s home where she was brutally sexually assaulted. She was then released and forced to carry her assailant’s suicide note to an unknown person. When the police located the assailant, he was at his residence with self-inflicted wounds. He is currently recovering from his wounds while criminal warrants are being obtained.

Who do you suppose the assailant works for? He is a federal employee of the Transportation Safety Adminstration. That’s right. The same people who are being accused of invading people’s privacy and inapropriately groping people have a sexual predator on their payroll. More details are expected to come as the police conduct their investigation.

See the link below for the local story: