I've had enough.

Okay. I’m officially over it. Like the little girl I saw in a video yesterday weeping because she’s sick of Bronco Bama, I’m ready for a change. I’ve been a good patriot and have gleefully given my energy and my attention to see the election through, but with just five days left, I’m all out of enthusiasm. I’m even tired of wearing my Romney/Ryan tshirts every day. I’m ready to exchange them for turkeys and reindeer. (And I’m the biggest Scrooge you’ll ever find when it comes to Christmas. I’m that sick of politics.)


I’m looking forward to next week when the bad political ads will quit and we can get back to those “not sold in stores” ads about items which are, by the way, sold in stores.  Of course, there is a nagging fear in the back of my brain that this particular election and its outcome will be up in the air for days – maybe weeks – as we enjoy (?) recounts and election contests across the country. There has been so much talk of election fraud – like the folks in the key swing state of Ohio who, in the course of early voting, find their Romney ballot being cast for Obama – I fear we’re in for a long, long election. Ugh.


Of course if there is the landslide in favor of Romney that pundits like Dick Morris predict, we might skate through the next weeks without revisiting the hanging chads and Supreme Court intervention we saw back in 2000. We might just luck out and find that on the morning of November 7th, we have a new president, a Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate and can look forward to hope returning to this great nation.


Of course, it’s also possible that Barack Obama will win. In which case, I plan to quit my part-time jobs and apply for food stamps. I’m tired of working my fanny off and ending up with less money than the welfare crowd collects. (I read last week that the average family who lives on government entitlements like welfare and food stamps collects something like $60,000 per year. I’m lucky to see a third of that.) If Barack Obama wins this one, I’ll put my political activism out to pasture for the last time. If the American public fails to see that this man and his administration have nearly destroyed all that makes America great, and are so vision-less as to give him a second run at the destruction of our values, I will have spent my passion for nothing. Well I won’t be entirely empty-handed. I will have those Romney/Ryan dust cloths as souvenirs.