Blaming Sandy

I’m not a fan of early voting. I recognize that it’s not always convenient to saddle the pony and ride off across the desert to cast one’s ballot on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November, but this is a civic duty and I can’t find a promise to voters that this responsibility will be convenient. It’s like the walk to school, barefoot, in the snow five miles uphill or brushing your teeth each morning. You simply do it because you must.


So this morning, some folks are wondering if the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Sandy will lead to a changing of the election. The answer to that question is no. There may be changes locally – extended voting hours might help since there is the likelihood that voting will by necessity be done the old fashioned way – with paper ballots – since so many areas are without the electricity to power electronic voting machines. But overall, voting this election will be one of those patriotic challenges and patriots in the states hardest hit by Sandy will rise to meet that challenge.


So, brace yourselves. If the electorate returns Mitt Romney as the winner, we’ll be hearing a lot about the election being stolen by the weather. (Or decided by divine intervention, if you’re a Romney fan.) The states that are struggling hardest post-Sandy are generally highly populated blue States – places where Barack Obama is thought to have a lock on the win. The best news for Democrats is their election machine has been employing early voting to get it’s faithful to the polls before now and with great success, we’re told, so perhaps their firewall will remain intact despite the hurricane’s devastation. And, of course, the Democrats champion absentee balloting as well. It’s possible that those ballots already delivered or somewhere in the possession of the pony express as I write this will still win the day for Obama. It’s possible, but I doubt it.


The Democrats will blame Sandy for their losses next week. The rest of us will be busy rebuilding and preparing for a resurging America with Mitt Romney at the helm.