Like a Day at the Spa!

A few weeks back, in the heat of the “skewed polls” debate which erupted when it was learned that pollsters were weighting the democrat components of their polls to give the incumbent an edge and create the appearance that the President had the election in the bag, Dick Morris suggested conservatives visit www.unskewedpolls.com. Of course, I did so immediately and was delighted to see what happens to polling data when it is properly weighted. Romney wins.


I visit the website daily now even though the big flap in the media has now calmed down and even the left-leaning polls are doing their jobs more correctly. It’s just fun for me to see that Mitt Romney is winning even in swing states thought to be solidly in the Obama column. Yay.


There also can be seen there the projections for congressional races which are also good news for Conservative voters. If these unskewed guys are correct, Republicans will own the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House come January. And, if you’re in the mood for icing and a cherry on top of that cake, it’s likely that Mitt Romney will be called upon to nominate two Justices to the Supreme Court in the next four years. Naturally, they will be quickly confirmed by the Republican congress. If ever the right had reason to celebrate, this is it.


Of course, there could be a cataclysm in the next two weeks which might change things. Some say,  and this includes my own handsome husband, that Barack Obama is not above pulling some kind of military shenanigans in order to Wag the Dog and distract the American public. There was a time when I could not imagine a national leader going to such lengths to win an election. Since I’ve come to know and understand Barack Obama, I put nothing past him.


For now I will revel in the excellent numbers and chuckle at the pitiful attempts of the Democrats to discredit Mitt Romney, whose squeaky clean record must be a source of great consternation to his opponents. Today is a great day to be a conservative.