Imported from Detroit

Here’s a happy surprise, fellow political junkies. If you look, you will probably find Romney Ryan signs in front of the Detroit News this morning. The Motor City’s future once teetered on the knife-blade of bankruptcy and, at least according to Team Obama, would have been cast aside as so much refuse if Mitt Romney had had his way. Romney was not in favor of the government bailout which “saved” the auto industry. Still, this morning, in an editorial the Detroit News endorses Mitt Romney for President of the United States.


Man. That’s got to hurt if you’re Barack Obama.


The editorial touts entrepreneurship and individualism as the way of the future and rejects Obama’s ever-growing government involvement in business. The endorsement, which acknowledges the two clear pathways the candidates offer, rejects Obama’s and encourages its readers to opt for the brand of hope and change Obama promised in 2008 but failed to deliver. The hope and the change is now the bailiwick of Mitt Romney.


Of course it helps that Romney is a Michigander and that his father, former Presidential candidate George Romney, was a “car guy” back in the day. The elder Romney ran American Motors from 1954 to 1962 and was the 43rd Governor of Michigan and clearly engenders a good bit of respect in the Motor City. It’s good to know that sound business practices and private-sector experience is seen, by this newspaper’s editorial staff at least, as a promising path to the future.


The native son vote may just put Michigan into the Romney column and this endorsement will certainly help accomplish what’s beginning to look like a Romney landslide.