Muckraking Reaches New Low

Today’s headlines make me hang my head in shame. On one hand we have Gloria Allred and her Democrat clients trying to un-seal court documents relating to a contentious child custody matter in which Mitt Romney testified and, on the other, we have The Donald revealing that Michelle Obama once wanted to be shed of Barack.  So what do these things have to do with the worthiness of either of these men to serve as President of the United States of America? Exactly nothing.


We already knew that Mitt Romney is a man who involves himself in the lives of others. We heard at the Republican National Convention that he shut down his entire business one day in order to help find the missing daughter of an associate. We learned that he and his family spent Christmas one year with a family whose sons had both been paralyzed in a tragic accident. (Then paid for their college education, by the way.) We learned that he sat with a dying boy in order to help the child “get his affairs in order.” Romney wrote the will which assigned ownership of the youngster’s favorite toys and treasures. So, I ask you, why would we be surprised to learn that he testified in court as to the character of a business associate? More to the point, what the hell business is it of Gloria Allred’s?


I feel certain that the court will deny Allred’s motion to unseal the court documents as they relate to an entirely unrelated set of humans. It might be different if it were the matter of a Romney civil matter, but it’s not. Shame on you Glora.


As far as the divorce papers between Michelle and Barack Obama, these things are, indeed, fair game. We, as voters, need to satisfy ourselves that our candidates are properly vetted. What I don’t get is how does marital strife is newsworthy? Anybody who has ever tied the knot knows that the first thirty years are the hardest. Troubles are to be expected and, if I might say so, for the first time in my history of observing the Obamas, I’m proud of their actions. They managed to stick it out which is, I think, a sign of maturity. (Perhaps the first I’ve seen from them.)


Unless it turns out that FLOTUS wanted out because the President prefers sex with men – a nasty rumor which has surfaced from time to time in his past – I can see no reason to drag these two humans through the muck. We already know everything we need to know about the President and, from my point of view, anyway, nobody in their right mind could blame Michelle for wanting to kick his fuzzy butt out the door. He’s a slime ball.


Is this what they call “the fog of war?” Are we so caught up in the blood and gore that we’ve lost our humanity? Let’s use the information we already have to vote for the man whose values and history most closely fits with our own. Enough already.