Lame Duck Season

With the second of three debates between the Presidential candidates in the history books this morning, I can’t help but feel optimistic about Mitt Romney’s performance and – more importantly – his prospects for the big win in November. I’m becoming more confident every day that this President will be living in a different house come mid-January. Wahoo!


Of course, thoughts of what Barack Obama can do to our country between November 7th and January 20th are a little frightening. Not only will we probably be faced with another holiday season featuring those scandalous Christmas ornaments bearing the image of Chinese Communist Chairman Mao (and the likeness of Barack Obama added to the statuary on Mount Rushmore) on the White House Christmas Tree, we’ll probably be forced to endure week after week of whining by the liberals that this is a nation of racists and idiots. Some predict there will be rioting in the streets. Way to put a damper on my election victory celebration! On the other hand, maybe some of the members of the left-leaning fringe will make good on their promise to leave the country after a Romney win. We can hope, anyway.


The real concern, from my perspective, is the likelihood that Obama will flood the National Record in his last days in office with Executive Orders, pardons and policy changes that will take the Romney administration a good bit of time to un-do. I distinctly recall Bill Clinton doing these kinds of things. Maybe George W. Bush did too, but I think those men are far less sinister than Obama is. Remember, this is a man with no respect for the laws of this land who has already employed executive fiat to circumvent the system very regularly in his administration to do things like gut the Welfare to Work program and bestow amnesty on millions of illegal immigrants. Who knows what he will do in his final hours to confuse and complicate the first days of a Romney administration.


With any luck at all there will also be a Republican House and a Republican Senate sworn in after this election. But, in the case of Congress, there are the same lame-duck concerns around what the defeated will do to out of spite. I’d like to think that these men who are supposed to represent the best and brightest ofAmericawill behave like statesmen. But, you see, I remember the past four years. I know just how petty they can be.


Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’d much rather face these little difficulties in the wake of the Romney win than contend with the alternative. Four more years of Barack Obama might be enough to make ME move toCanada.