Trivializing Benghazi

For the past few days I’ve heard more than a little grousing from the Democrats about the way in which Republicans seem to be making the horrors of Benghazi, Libya “political.” It makes me cranky.


First of all, let us say that lives were lost. That’s tragic and is made even more so when we learn, as we did yesterday, that the loss of life could have been avoided by the simple act of setting aside this administration’s political image as the maker of Middle East Peace and putting boots on the ground of the Benghazi compound in the way of armed security for our now dead Ambassador. This administration screwed up royally. Then, to make matters much, much worse, they lied to the American public for weeks upon end. Why? Because this president is in a very heated political race. The news of his failures in Benghazi would have impacted upon his political future. (I’ll let him figure out for himself that the lies and the cover-up were far more damaging to his future than the mistakes were. He’ll have lots of time to think after he’s defeated on November 6th.)


Is it appropriate to make this horrible failure a political one? Yep. It surely is.


You see, when President’s send troops into harm’s way, they ought to be held to account for the loss of blood and treasure which comes with war. I have no doubt that leaders who must make the decision to go to war are haunted by the specters of fallen soldiers day and night for the rest of their lives. Yet, nobody chides the opposing side of the political aisle for “politicizing” the deaths of soldiers in service to their country.  We all know that wars are political and are the result of political decisions. Of course, that doesn’t make the loss of a loved one any more tolerable. Any loss of life as a result of an individual’s voluntary decision to go forth and serve this great nation is a death to be held in great reverence. Those deaths, however, should never be in vain. We owe it to the fallen to learn from their sacrifices.


I’m sure the men who lost their lives in Benghazi would tell us that to die in service to their country was their greatest honor. They would also suggest that we look into the mistakes which were made and fix the problems which led to their tragic ends. Because, you see it IS political.


Now, that the Republican-led House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding hearings to determine exactly what went wrong in Benghazi, Democrats are squealing “FOUL.”  Over and over during yesterday’s televised hearing, the Democrats on the dais were sniveling about the ‘politicalization of this tragedy.’ Translation: “How dare you point out the President’s failed policy this close to an election?”


My question: “How dare YOU, Congressman Cummings, trivialize the deaths of any brave defender of this Nation by excusing this President’s lies?”