The President's Glass Jaw

Among the more interesting excuses for the President’s deplorable performance at the Denver debate this week was that made by venerated journalist Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame.


Woodward, who has worked extensively with Barack Obama in the writing of the new book, The Price of Politics, believes the usually unflappable Obama must have been distracted by something serious in his personal of presidential life to such a degree that he failed to rise to the Denver occasion.


To my way of thinking it would have to be one helluva distraction to make this man, whose every breath for the past four plus years has been dedicated to being re-elected for a second term, slip and fall so publically.


A little follow-up investigation reveals to me that there may, indeed, be reason for the President to sweat blood. According to therightscoop.com, an as yet unnamed publication and website will be breaking a scandalous story as early as Friday concerning what may be illegal campaign contributions. The story reports the results of a nine-month investigation into the use of pre-paid credit cards, which are difficult to trace, in the fundraising efforts of the President’s campaign as well as congressional members. The donations in questions will be shown to exceed personal donation limits and may have even come from entities overseas which may violate Federal laws.


If I were facing such an expose, I might not do well in a debate with millions watching. But then, I’m not a well-seasoned compartmentalizer. (I also have MUCH thicker skin that Obama does.)


The President seems to take attacks upon our Embassies and deaths of diplomats in stride. He didn’t seem to be particularly rattled when the Fort Hood massacre took the lives of 13 and wounded an additional 39 of our military personnel. Barack Obama generally has it all together, so whatever this is, unless Al Gore’s right and “it was the altitude, stupid,” we may be in for some interesting news in the next few days.


For now, though, I’m in celebration mode. I’m breaking out a whole new Romney Ryan buttons to share with the new Romney converts who saw the way a debate is SUPPOSED to be handled and who saw, for the first time, the incumbent’s glass jaw.