The Demagogue In Chief

Largely drowned out by this week’s Presidential debate in Denver and the President’s shockingly poor performance – one talking head I saw yesterday suggested the President had taken Ambien and was, therefore, sluggish. I might suggest, given his pictorial history, it was more likely a ‘joint’ issue – is the story around our first look at an un-edited Obama video speech from 2007.  In the speech, which was delivered to a group of African American ministers, Obama suggests that following hurricane Katrina, the government failed to provide “free” cash to help in the re-building of the city of New Orleans.


Then Senator Obama says in the video, “Somehow the people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much,”  suggesting that the government failed to waive Stafford Act for New Orleans as it did in the cases of New York following the 9/11 attacks and in Florida following hurricane Andrew.  The Stafford Act requires a small financial match – something like a single dollar for every ten dollars given by the Feds – in order to obtain disaster funding for purposes of rebuilding.


Oh, moose doots!


It takes very little time for even me to check this one out. Not only did Congress waive the Stafford Act for purposes of rebuilding New Orleans but it did so TEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE SPEECH IN QUESTION. But wait, America. It gets better.


Fourteen Senators voted against waiving the Stafford Act for funding the rebuilding of New Orleans. Among those fourteen – the junior Senator from Illinois, Barack  Obama.


These facts ought to reveal to the American public that this president’s penchant for playing fast and loose with the truth is nothing new. This leopard hasn’t changed his spots – he’s just very good at concealing them from the voters.