Crushing the Military Vote in Ohio

One of the drums I regularly beat is the one calling for free and fair elections.


Because I live in Mississippi where voter fraud is rampant, no matter what Eric Holder says, I’m particularly interested in the way the Obama administration handles the delicate subject of election integrity.


The voters in my State spent years gathering signatures in to get the Voter Identification amendment to Mississippi’s constitution on the ballot. Once the voters passed the measure, we waded through countless hours of nonsensical debate on the floor of the Legislature talking about how requiring picture identification at the polls would disenfranchise the poor and minorities. (Of course this is pure nincompoopery. The poor and the minorities in our state have identification and are not afraid to use it when they need to cash a check or get a car loan.)


Interestingly, Mississippi’s voter identification law has yet to be blessed by Eric Holder and his Justice Department. The Democrats have built an entire campaign on this particular house of cards and insist famously that it is Republicans who want to disenfranchise American voters. I’m confident that Mississippi will get the same kind of run-around other states like Texas and South Carolina have – it’s a source of great frustration for me, but the will of the people will out eventually.


For all their concerns, though, about the possible disenfranchisement of voters, Team Obama and the Democrats seem to have changed their tune when it comes to those in the military service.


On July 17th, Obama’s campaign was joined by the Democrat National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party in a lawsuit to change Ohio’s law which allows active military personnel an extra three days to cast their ballots. They say that the law is arbitrary and that it demonstrates no “discernable rational basis” for it’s existence.


Woah. Do you mean to tell me Mr. President, that being stationed in a battle zone half a planet away from your polling precinct is not reason enough to be given just a little extra time to participate in the election of your President?? Surely you’re not serious! Oh..yeah. The lawsuit says you are.


The truth is, reader friends, that members of the military vote consistently for conservative candidates. While they are not allowed to plaster a Romney bumpersticker on their Humvees or helicopters, and they are precluded from other free political speech, they ARE allowed to vote and vote they do – religiously. Of course, the military vote might carry great weight in swing states like Ohio, Florida and Virginia, so it’s not surprise that the Obama camp is taking this egregious step in Ohio where the Presidential election could be won or – shudder – lost.


Remember the Ohio Secretary of State in your prayers. We need them to courageously protect the rights of those who courageously protect our own.