Donilon Does it Again

The Reuter’s headline reads; “Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels.”
The story goes on to tell us that the president has signed a ‘secret’ order authorizing support for the rebels now fighting to topple the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and cites “sources familiar with the matter.”
With the investigation by Congress of the seemingly continual and extraordinarily dangerous leaks of top secret information to the press by this administration still fresh in the minds of Americans, we see that Barack Obama, ever mindful of his foreign policy image among the polls, has done it again.
It isn’t that I think this particular bit of news even ought to be kept classified. I say, it’s about time we did something to help in Saudi Arabia. What chaps my backside is that we’re once again being baited by the Obama administration. It all makes me wonder what benefit he thinks there is in feigned secrecy. Does this man believe that by whispering his plans to us quietly (in big, bold headlines on international news sites) he makes us think we’re privy to the inner workings of his governmental machine and, therefore, special? Or does he simply play this whole thing close to his vest in order that he might later disavow his actions to his Arab buddies?
All I know is it makes me very cranky.
My best – and worst – quality is that I’m a bit like a china shop bull. I just blurt things out. The truth, whether anybody likes it or not, has always had a way of falling from my lips regardless of the consequences. I’d never make a good politician, I suppose. I’m just too unrefined to be effective in the political arena. (I do hope my overt honesty is a boon to my career as a blogger…time will tell.)
Meanwhile, I hope Senator Dianne Feinstein is paying attention to this latest work of  Tom Donilon, the National Security Advisor and political hack most often named as the source of these leaks. Somebody’s head ought to roll and I would not be opposed to see the President impeached over putting our operatives in danger in order to bolster his sagging polling points.