How'd I miss that?

If you don’t live in Texas, I guess you’re going to have to wait. Of course, since Texas is a state teetering between “pink” and full-fledged red-ness, we can be glad Dinesh D’Souza opened his remarkable (since I’ve not seen it, I can only believe what the trailers tell me,) new movie 2016-Obama’s America in the Lone Star State.


When I watch D’Souza speak in interviews and at events such as the CPAC event (the speech can be found here) I’m impressed with this Indian-American who has obviously done his homework on the Obama administration and its up-until-now unexplained approach to foreign policy, domestic dreams and, well, where Barack Obama, Jr. stands exactly.


D’Souza’s Indian ethnicity gives him an interesting perspective on what I now understand to be Obama’s vehement hatred of colonialism, western wealth and American exceptionalism. (Which the President denies and embraces by turns.) It is the “Dreams From My Father” – the president’s memoir – which fuel the same anti-colonialism – that Obama articulates his not-so-hidden agenda. It was the dream of Barack Obama, Sr. that wealthy western countries like the United Kingdom and the United States should be made irrelevant, down-sized, and effectively crushed through systematically dismantling the economy.


The elder Obama held the United Kingdom and other wealthy nations to blame for – well – almost everything.  Now, the dream of righting those perceived wrongs now falls to the son.


After learning just a bit about this movie, I had one of those light-bulb moments. The answers to all my questions were suddenly answered.


Q: Why did Barack Obama insult the Brits by returning the bronze bust of Winston Churchill – a gift from the British people following 9/11? A: Because Churchill is a powerful symbol of British colonialism in – among other places – KENYA.


Q: Why does Barack Obama refuse to use proven economic-tonic like lowering taxes and relaxing regulations to bolster our broken economy? A: Because he wants America to fail.


Q: Why does Barack Obama fund oil drilling and production in Brazil, but ignore the American oil reserves? A: Because an energy independent America is a healthy America.


Q: Why has Barack Obama toured the world apologizing for American arrogance? Because he truly believes we are the problem, not the solution in the world’s sad situation.


And so it all goes.


After three years of puzzling over why a man with such obvious intelligence continues to bungle the job he was elected to do, the answers appear as if by magic thanks to a movie trailer! How on earth could I have been so obtuse?