Obama Blesses Educational Inequity

This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I write an article – say about Barack Obama’s latest Imperial Proclamation – to create a department to enhance education for black children – and announce that to do such would fly in the face of the equal protection clauses of the Constitution and I get called a racist.


How does that work. I point out racist activity on the part of our black president and his liberal friends brand ME? Truth is, I ought to be used to it all by now. And, even if it does get under my skin, it doesn’t matter all that much. I have to call them as I see them.  So, lets talk about this newest move to “equalize” the education of African American youngsters.


I have some small experience with this subject. I live in a primarily black community in the Deep South. There are a handful of white students in our school system but its demographic make up pretty much reflects the overall populations. The school board was entirely black until recently.


Just before the end of the past school year, the State of Mississippi stepped in and took over our school system. They did this because, in an accreditation audit, our schools failed 32 of 35 tests. The good news is, these kids will now have a much better chance of getting a better education that the playing field is more level.


What cannot be affected, though, is that many of these children come from single-parent homes – 70% of black babies are born into fatherless homes. Their parents are either not interested or ignorant themselves of the importance of obtaining a good education.


My philosophy on this subject is pretty simple. If a child fails, it’s because his grownups have failed him.


You – or in this case, the American taxpayers – may throw all the gold in Fort Knox at the inner city schools but it won’t address the real problem which is more about rotten parenting than it is about educational opportunity.


What really gripes me about this most recent Imperial Proclamation from Emperor Obama is the fact that he’s just looking for votes. We know this because, if he wanted NOT to paint it as a racially exclusive program he would have couched the news about his entire program differently – you know, leaving out the whole African American element. He would have expressed a desire to help all children, not just black ones.


Nope. This mess was concocted for and aimed directly at young black women whose votes he desperately needs.


Once again, Barack Obama has succeeded in alienating Americans who actually believe in the concept of equality. Folks like me will work harder for Mitt Romney 2012 because to do otherwise would be kin to stepping back into the 1960’s and we all know THAT’s not good for the kids.