How Very Presidential!

A couple of months back, we learned that the most powerful man on the planet – Barack Obama – has a kill list. Not only does he maintain a list of unsavory terrorist types and their locations, he uses that list to plan drone attacks and, yes, blow the bad guys to smithereens. (I can’t help it. In my mind’s eye, I see an adolescent boy with his x-box smoking dope and “offing” the enemy amid giggles of delight. “Take THAT, scum sucker!”) It’s all very presidential.


We learned about the president’s assassination game along with a batch of other national security leaks which painted the president as “tough on terrorism” – a ploy hatched, or so suggests California Senator Dianne Feinstein, within the White House to boost the president’s dismal scorecard on foreign affairs.


But, it turns out that the President has other, perhaps less deadly, lists. One Idaho businessman finds himself teetering at the top of one of them.


Frank VanderSloot is a big-time Romney supporter. Like most Idahoans, he’s a conservative kind of guy who goes quietly about his business (Malaluca, Inc.) and does his part to live the American Dream.


It was in April, when the Obama campaign published the “enemies list” that VanderSloot found himself noted on that very list as one of the “less-than-reputable” business folk” whose financial support of Republican Mitt Romney was causing heartburn for the Assassin in Chief. (Also very presidential, wouldn’t you agree?)


Not only did VanderSloot discover that a private investigator, who historically works for Democrat politicians, had been digging around in the VanderSloot public record. But public records are public records – they are there for the snooping. It might have been unsettling for VanderSloot, but not as unsettling as the most recent developments.


According to the Wall Street Journal, the Vandersloots were recently notified that the IRS will be conducting a two-year audit of their taxes. This is what cartoon character Popeye the Sailor would call a “ko inky dink.”


Similarly ‘ko inky dinkal” is the interestingly timed and totally unexpected audit of Mr. VanderSloot’s company by the Department of Labor!!


In my lifetime, I’ve often regretted that I’ve not been wildly successful in business. I’m one of those Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck and pray my ship will eventually come in. The silver lining to the VanderSloot story is that, had I been able to donate a million dollars to the Romney campaign I probably would have. Then, I’d probably be next in line for the unhappy attentions of the boy with his x-box.


Being broke ain’t all that bad.