The Nobama Road

Okay. I’m something of a troublemaker.


My idea of a good time is to put on my NOBAMA t-shirt and hang out at the local Piggly Wiggly parking lot. There are, I’m sure, places in America when this kind of behavior wouldn’t raise an eyebrow, but because I live in a primarily black Mississippi community, the looks I get are sometimes quite unfriendly. Sadly, though, nobody ever confronts me or asks me why I’m supporting the GOP candidate. They just glare.


It should be said that I’m not crazy about Mitt Romney. He’s entirely too liberal for my tastes and way, way too low key. I wanted somebody with a little fire, somebody north of Ron Paul but south of Tim Pawlenty. (Now I hear I may get Pawlenty as a vice president. Phooey.) But, I know this. If Barack Obama is elected to a second term, he will have plenty of time to complete that “fundamental transformation” he threatened back in 2008. I’m truly terrified of what will happen if Nobama does not win in November.


The clues to what a second Obama term would look like are coming Fast and Furious (pun intended) these days.


In the past month, we’ve seen amnesty granted to countless illegal aliens. We’ve discovered that, in order to keep those Hispanic votes in the US, we are practically INSISTING that they join the food stamp program. (That way, even if the economy is in the toilet and they can’t get jobs, they can keep eating until the election.) We’ve also taken steps to thoroughly eviscerate the Welfare to Work Program by doing away with that pesky “work” requirement which was settled upon back in the Clinton years as a way to bring about “the end of welfare as we’ve known it.” Now, it’s the end of the end of welfare as we know it.


When you couple these policy changes with the ongoing cover-up of the Fast and Furious debacle, you begin to get a picture. It’s the picture of a dictator dedicated to destroying the American dream. Barack Obama, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out earlier this week, HATES AMERICA. He is leading us down the path toward his father’s dreams which include an end to capitalism, an end to enterprise, and the beginning of the end of everything else. It all scares the spit out of me.


So, I campaign for Nobama. I buy the bumper stickers and the t-shirts and hope somebody will ask me why. I have questions for those poor Obama disciples who have somehow managed to find, “No, I’m poorer, out of work and living in poverty. I’m NOT better off than I was four years ago” to be an acceptable and somehow affirmative (?) answer to the oft-asked question.


This election will either signal the end of the American experiment or it will signal a renewed commitment to the values and the system our founding fathers left us with. The Crossroads are clearly marked. One way directs us to destruction. The other is a rockier road, perhaps, but it takes us toward prosperity. I’m taking the Nobama road.