Happiness Park - Trading Groceries for Votes?

This week Americans learned two interesting bits of trivia in the ongoing game of Imperial Obama Monopoly. (Not sold in any store.)


We learned first of all that the United States Department of Agriculture, where the food stamp program (known also by the less stigmatic moniker, SNAP.) lives, has lately been producing and airing soap operas for Spanish-speaking television and radio. The name of the series is “Happiness Park” and it encourages listeners and viewers to sign up for the SNAP program. The series breathlessly gushes over the health benefits of allowing the Federal Government to assist in the grocery shopping adventures of those within the Hispanic community. It also pooh-poohs the downside of signing up to participate in the government dole just in case some fiercely proud Latinos hesitate to become beholden to the Feds.


I confess I’ve been grousing about this all week to whomever would listen.  You may call me a cynic if you wish, but why are my tax dollars suddenly going to woo the Hispanic community with gifts of “free food” so hot on the heels of his Imperial Highness Barack Obama’s announcement that his administration would no longer enforce the immigration laws. First he paved the way of undocumented aliens with the gift of amnesty and now he’s passing out groceries to all comers. Am I the only one who sees this as a “gimme” to the illegal aliens out there who might otherwise keep a low profile far away from the polling places in November?


Some of my more tenderhearted friends reminded me that these illegal aliens often have small children and, in this country of plenty it seems harsh to allow the little ones to starve. I backed down, but just the teensiest bit.


Then, a second bulletin came my way.  Yesterday, I learned that the Happiness Park series has been scrapped. Kevin Concannon, USDA Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services yesterday explained to the Daily Caller (the publication which broke the Happiness Park project story,) the reasoning for the cessation of  this operation.

Concannon told the Daily Caller, “The American people support helping those in need, but they want to know their tax dollars are being spent wisely. Many of the PSAs and ads on the agency’s website were posted nearly 4 years ago and some of the content in these advertisements does not meet the standards of what I consider to be appropriate outreach,”  (Yeah, right. Then how come we used them for FOUR YEARS??  VEM)

He went on, “To that end, I have instructed the agency to remove these materials from our website and to cease future production of advertisements. These funds could be better invested in improving our oversight of this critically-important program and that is exactly what I intend to do moving forward,” he added.

Well duh!

But what about those hungry little niños and niñas?  If it was such a good idea to begin with, why are we closing up shop in the wake of a few whiners like me? Can you spell “caught red handed” attempting to buy votes?