UN Arms Trade Treaty - Fast and Furious Redux?

As I read it, the new United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which is supported by the Obama Administration, would limit the ability of Americans to buy and keep firearms.

Proponents of the international treaty claim that such a treaty which would regulate trade in conventional guns would keep civilians around the world safer. (History hasn’t borne this theory out often or ever, nevertheless, the proponents of this treaty are very official may be smarter than we are. Yeah. And Germany was a nice place to raise a little Jewish family back in 1939.)

I guess the guys and gals at the United Nations haven’t read about the Obama Administration’s famous “gun control” program otherwise known as Fast and Furious.  I’m sure the families of the hundreds of Mexican citizens who have been gunned down in cold blood by weapons the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sold to agents for drug lords feel much safer now knowing that we’re giving gun control another shot. (Pun not intended, but thought by this blogger to be incredibly clever.)

That old bumper sticker comes immediately to mind. It said something like this: “When the government takes away your guns, only the criminals will be armed”  Well…only the criminals and drug lords as well as those, like Eric Holder, who are sworn to uphold the law – selectively and according to the liberal left’s feel-good policies.

Lest you are among those counting upon your elected officials in Congress to save your second amendment bacon, allow me to remind you that, though the Senate and House Appropriations committees have already voted to restrict government funding for advancing the ATT and, last month 130 House members sent a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, arguing that the treaty must not cover small arms, light weapons, or firearms ammunition this president doesn’t give a rip for what Congress wants or doesn’t want. (Consider the recent amnesty for illegal aliens policy enacted by the president with neither help nor blessings from Congressionals which has since resulted in the closure of nine Border Control Posts along the Southern border – a most popular place to enter this Nation illegally.)

This nation of nice folks who don’t like to be forced into rudeness or incivility have looked the other way for so long that they are completely at the mercy of Barack Obama and his socialist plans for this nation. He will soon have you dancing to the tune of International Law instead of our usual Constitutional jig. America as we have known it is in enormous peril attributable to our own complacency.

Citizens of this great Nation need not take marching orders from the likes of Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez or Mahmud Ahmadinejad. We’ve got a perfectly workable system of justice here and we don’t need any fine tuning from foreign sources. We’re entitled here to keep and bear arms. Of course, if we’re goofy enough to give up that right willingly, I suppose we deserve precisely what we get.

Of course, we do have one last hope. That hope resides in the individual who is willing to use his vote to unseat any and all officials who are piddling down his leg and telling him it’s raining in his Reeboks.