Where are the talents and virtues?

Alexander Hamilton spoke about revolutions often and he is quoted as saying that “it has very properly been ranked not among the least of the advantages which compensate for the evils they produce that they serve to bring to light talents and virtues which might otherwise have languished in obscurity or only shot forth a few scattered and wandering rays.”  So reports Ron Chernow in his book ALEXANDER HAMILTON.

Not withstanding our own current revolution my thoughts turned to the so-called “Arab spring”  and the revolution occurring in the Middle East.  I am exposed daily to the images of death and distruction pouring out of there.  They fill up my brain, my home and my community.  I can’t help but to wonder how the people caught up in these  events will ever feel  another day of  peace.  I heard a commentator report that  it is out of control.  My sense of history is that every revolution has its period of chaos and confusion.  What  do the expert  observers call it?  The fog of war?

During our own revolution Hamilton was able to find “talents and virtues” rising up from the hearts of the people and saw clearly the impact they had in the outcome.  We can look back and see how they contributed to the success of our revolution and the making ours the best Republic in the history of the world.

I wonder what Alexander Hamilton would say about the fire storms breaking out around the globe.  Would he be able to say that, today, there are those emerging with enough talents and virtues to bring order out of the chaos.

I do not know what history will say about these unsettling times but I am hard pressed to see it reported that anyone, this country or an other, has  the virtues or talents of our founders.