Blowing environmental smoke through a blown blow out valve

Environmentalists will peddle their BS for hours and make it sound as if the stuff is good enough to eat.  Bob Graham and William Reilly, Co Chairs of the Commission investigating the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, explained how their report is sufficient to justify sweeping regulatory changes in the U.S. and shutting down an entire critical industry.

Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee were skeptical. Yesterday Fred Upton (MI) pounded the gavel to start but the two witnesses pounded sand with their with a sweeping indictment of an entire energy industry based on “systemic” failures of management on a massive scale.  The question was a simple one;  voiced with anger from Gulf Coast representatives.  What caused the spill?

It seemed to me that “systemic failures” was mentioned in the report many times.  The implication being that the commission examined 2500 deep water rigs in the Gulf.  Or the sand pounders would have the casual observer believe.  Not so…as the questions soon disclosed.  Graham and Reilly’s commission (going out of business 5 weeks) investigated 3 companies doing this work and the rest of their findings and recommendations were drawn from this and  past spills.  There was no thought given to examine  successful operations.

I read the dailies during this disaster.  I understood that a blow out prevention valve did not work.  Brian P. Bilbray (CA) summarized it best for me.  The valve appears to be very important as a cause.  The Commission chose not to look at the valve and instead cited “systemic” regulatory faults as justification for recommending a halt to further oil development

And oh yes…this blow out prevention valves lies, not on the bottom of 5000 feet of water, but gathering rust on a dock somewhere on the Gulf Coast of America. “Mr Chairman I recommend we impanel a new investigative commission of engineers and authorize them to find this valve and take it apart bit by bit until they are able to say why it did not work and pinpoint the cause of this oil spill.  This piece of safety gear is being used today and who knows but what the next disaster is waiting to happen.  We cannot take seriously any longer the report of the present commission.  Our witnesses have clearly demonstrated the failure of their approach.”

I think that if one were able to detach Graham and Reilly from their environmental propaganda for the masses for a few minutes they would say: “thank you very much but our approach produced results beyond our wildest dreams.”