Glen Beck; a nice man but...

Oh!  If only I were ready to follow Beck’s call for acceptance and prayer as a way to  ward off the calamity headed my way as an American.  I believe in the saving power of  God’s Will and that as a finality  It will prevail despite the apparent calamities lurking around every corner of His creation.  I just have doubts about Glen Beck’s grasp of how His will works.

The alcoholics “acceptance” comes after the enemy, alcohol, has totally defeated them.  It is not until this “bottom” is reached that recovery begins.  The alcoholic says; I am never cured…I am always recovering.  To say “I am defeated by Obama and must accept it before recovery is in the offing will never be in my lexicon.  More importantly it is the part that anger plays in Glen Becks scheme of things that sets me apart from him.  That is; along with his radical adherence to libertarianism.

Today Beck convinced me that he believes anger must be stuffed.  This is understandable since the alcoholic, in his recovery, is not allowed an excess of any emotion.  While “Denial, Bargaining and Acceptance are written large in his life; anger is writ so very small.  It has come up before with him as he cautions us time and again “not to act out of anger”.  I believe the committed libertarian can hold on to their philosophy only in the absence of an active electorate.  The type of activism demonstrated on November 2 brings fear and trepidation to the heart of a libertarian.  You see political activity born out of anger leads the country class to pick sides and to act with energy on the implications of our choices.  We did this on election day and not one libertarian was elected.  That is the way of it.  Glen Beck will see his world view take hold and accede to power only when we set aside anger, when anger is justified and screamed for, as it is today, to be replaced with Becks “alcoholic” acceptance and therefore giving up that dreaded “partisan” indulgence exhibited last “freedom” day.

Glen Beck is right about one thing.  That being prayer to an almighty God.  When all is said and done, and faced with the intensity of evil in our world,  on our knees is not a bad place to be.  That is.. before we head out to the polling place and pull the Republican lever.