Water tourture and I don't mean boarding

Drip…drip…drip…it pounds my skull and aches my brain.  This steady high stepping march into what Mark Levin gently calls “a soft tyranny” hurts and was on display today in the hallowed halls of Congress.

Chairmen Jerry Costello and Jim Oberstar provide the venue.  Its called the House Committee on Transportation and Subcommittee on Aviation.  There is a definite pattern here.  You have seen it in the lead up to Health Care and Financial Reform Bills and demonstrated clearly as the Cap and Tax bill was cooked up.

Here is how I see, given no change in our political system these days, a Fascist dominated America evolving over time.  The architecture  has a corner stone of these Fascist like laws is the meticulous organization of so-called citizen consumer groups.

Mr. Moore is the Director of the Consumer Travel Alliance.  These are the foot soldiers.  Mr. Moore had chapter and verse down clear, touting the need for regulating the airline industry.  His army of private citizens provided the government with more than enough fodder favoring an “airline reform bill”  Fodder is used for feeding.  Who is being fed?

The fatted calf being lead to the slaughter, as I see it, is the airline industry.  It has been force fed consumer complaints, disruptions in service, various annoyances like legal action and physical assaults and promises of a bright day when all of the members of the Consumer Travel Alliance have what they want.  Mr. Moore testified that only a strong government  will bring about this Utopian vision of his members.  The vision must be articulated.

Politicians are citizens too.  But these days it is the political connection that worries me.  these diaries will  The likes of Oberstar and Costello have long since abrogated their bond with real citizens in favor of the State.  Mark Levin is right when he calls the likes of these two “statists” vs politicians.  The high ringing consumer rhetoric is lost in the not-so-veiled  threats of total government control.  This unflagging threatening language has consequences.

Simply put Fascism is marked by an unholy marriage between business and the State.  The lessons learned for me today revolve around who was not invited to testify at the Aviation Subcommittee hearing.  Maybe turning the example around would better illustrate the point.  Mr. Ridley (Southwest Airlines) and Mr. Baldanza (Spirit Airlines) were invited and their testimony clearly showed that they are resisting the force feeding tube. They energetically defended the airlines in the face of the likes of the Consumer Travel Alliance, the Business Travel Coalition representing Travel Management Managers and abusive committee members. I conclude that those airlines not invited have been restrained in varying degrees at the forced feeding  station.  Sturdy wings are needed in order that bloated bills will fly.

A Fascist state will never fly in this Country except that, as Rush says, the citizens are made stupid.  When I look at health care, financial reform, carbon pollution and oil slicks in the Gulf I see one common element.  Today it was the “opaque” way airlines do business.  Then there is the secrecy of big oil and big banks and wall street and global warming deniers are hiding behind big oil.  The common theme, cited over and over and over again today was the need for “full disclosure and transparency”.  When Oberstar’s transportation bill is written it will be 2000 pages of airline re-regulation all in the name of sunshine disinfecting a dirty airline industry.