Commerce Committee and Gulf crisis

Senate Republicans are milk toast and the Dems are giddy.  Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) walks in and brandishes his Blackberry.  “I have my Blackberry here and, Mr. Chairman (Nelson Rockefeller (D-West Virginia), you need to see this”  Apparently his coveted Blackberry has “clear and detailed” new video pictures of the deep well oil blowout.  He hands it eagerly to an equally eager Chairman.

Ms Klobuchar, Dem Senator MN, joins the dance as a C-Span camera pans away.  They look with intensity into the Blackberry and broad smiles blossom on both.  They look genuinely happy looking at the spectacle.  To this observer; granting a personal deep and abiding conservative perspective, they are barely covering a giddy affect.

Rush Limbaugh is right, in my opinion, when he says that liberal Democrats thrive on “tumult, chaos and confusion”.  I remember Rahm Emanuel’s famous admonishment to his troops.  “Never let a good crisis go wasted.”  Limbaugh is right also when he says: “The liberals are bound and determined to see this country, built on the Founder’s dream, damaged beyond recognition.”  Their dream is a country built over in the image of Karl Marx.  Nelson, Rockefeller and Klobuchar are dancing at the Commerce Ball to that tune.

Republicans at the dance?  Vaporous.